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Trans Adriatic Pipeline

Where a cohesive brand identity can bring markets together

How to engage people from different countries with varying levels of interest and support in an international engineering project?

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), which transports natural gas from Azerbaijan into European markets. They came to us wanting to both reassure and inspire the local communities in the countries they operate.

We looked at all the audiences across the multiple countries. Superficially they were all different and at different stages in their acceptance and understanding of TAP.

However, by mining deeper we were able to identify some universal needs - simplicity, transparency and approachability – that proved to be the key that unlocked TAP’s brand story.

We created a brand identity that was charming in its simplicity, answering these 3 universal needs.

We used relatable lifestyle imagery to engage our audience and we created a responsive website that detects the user’s location and consolidates the most relevant information for them. We also produced an identity kit and brochures to outline the values, ethics and benefits of TAP to help educate and build advocacy.

Columns not only provide great creative solutions, they're also experts in understanding and managing multiple stakeholders. They continue to be an incredibly valuable extension to my marketing team.

Lisa Jane Givert

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