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Simpson's in the Strand

Restoring a British Classic

A restaurant with a rich, authentic history, Simpson’s in the Strand began life as a coffee house and home to chess tournaments. Following a respectful restoration and a reimagined menu, we worked with Simpson’s to introduce their brand to a new generation and cement their reputation as an essential London food destination.

Revolution is not the way of Simpson’s in the Strand, but evolution is, so it was crucial to celebrate the continuation of their story. Drawing inspiration from the restaurant’s interiors, we created an identity that married the classic and the contemporary, never losing that sense of authenticity. Working with the Simpson’s marketing and PR teams to define the brand, we ensured that this ethos lived and breathed throughout the whole Simpson’s experience. 

Inspired by the original Simpson’s signage, we created a fresh, contemporary wordmark.

Sharp, beautiful food photography flows throughout the website and advertising, bringing the reimagined menu to life. As a result, in the first two weeks post-launch, the new website received 4,246 unique visits. 

Crisp, elegant tableware and branded products complete the journey from restaurant to fully-fledged dining experience.

Simpson’s front of house guide helps ensure a consistent brand experience from table-to-table.

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