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Shell Scenarios

Painting a picture of tomorrow's world

The Shell Scenarios team have been developing brain-addling visions of the future since the 1970s. It’s all to help businesses, governments and academia to understand what may lie ahead, so they can make the best decisions. The New Lens Scenarios are their most detailed and dizzying yet – and we were asked to help communicate them…

The New Lens Scenarios take a number of pressing global trends (like climate change, population growth, economic cycles) and use them as a ‘lens’ through which to view the world. Our solution hinged on visual storytelling, creating a powerful graphic landscape to present complex concepts, topics and paradoxes in a digestible way. In just seven weeks, we devised, developed and delivered a fully integrated multi-platform campaign – and achieved a post-launch page-view increase of 457%.

You came in and hit the ground running, understood the brand and, more importantly, it was clear that each team member had a passion for the content they were all a key part of. That team spirit and ethic to deliver meaningful communication made this achievable.

Jess Jeary

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