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The new 'normal'

It has now been over 2 weeks since our team here at Columns unplugged our Macs, tucked them under our arm and headed for our new offices in the sanctuary of our own homes.

Whether it’s the regular cat flashing up on the screens, a saxophonist neighbour signifying lunch every day or a collection of straw hats that rival Little Bow Peep, the ‘studio’ has become an interesting place. 

We can proudly say though, that in true Columns’ style we’ve found a way to make it work. 

We thought it was only fair to share some of our learnings as we look back over the past few days from our makeshift desks:  

  • Danny, our creative director, loves working in his daughter’s princess corner
  • A Microsoft Teams channel purely devoted to the antics of our office cats is always a good idea
  • Sometimes an 8-year old’s creative feedback is spot on
  • Tonka, our office dog, loves to play with his squeaky toys between 9am and 10am coinciding nicely with our agency-wide morning catch ups
  • After a tough day, a video conference ‘down the pub’ still works as a good remedy
  • Onboarding a new starter from their bedroom is a sentence we still aren’t used to saying (sorry Abby!)
  • A box of tea bags doesn’t last long!
  • You can be a 28 year old man and still drink out of a yummy mummy mug
  • Cooking onions whilst on a conference call is a bad idea (I’m not crying, you are!)

But what we’ve learnt most is we have a great team of people who have stood up in a time when uncertainty has been the order of the day. Thank you to our clients who have had the patience to allow us to adjust and to our partners, kids and pets who’ve let us intrude on their space over the past weeks. 

Stay well, stay safe and look after yourself.

Columns x

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