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Celebrating positivity, on purpose.

We currently find ourselves in a bizarre situation, living in a world we no longer recognise and one where the future is unknown. Consumption has dropped, with many people limiting their purchases to the bare necessities. And for brands there’s a fine line to be walked between respecting the difficulties people are facing and staying relevant. But there is still room for brands to contribute in a positive way.

Since lockdown started and the seriousness of the crisis became apparent, many companies have shown an exceptional generosity of spirit. Not every brand has the ability to make hand sanitiser at scale or produce protective wear for essential workers, but in true creative spirit, there’s has been a surge in inventive responses.

It’s these creative solutions and sense of community that we’d like to celebrate in this moment - the brands that are proving their purpose and that are contributing to the lives of people in different ways.

Whether it’s turning a restaurant into a shop to help local communities or creating a heart-warming campaign to bring a bit of positivity in a dark time, brands big and small are coming together to do their part.

Here are two examples from our own clients:

The Melusine restaurant, who have turned their space into a pop-up shop, stocking basic amenities for the local community.

Fortius Clinic, who are supporting the NHS by offering their facilities, ambulatory services and expertise.

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