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5 brands to watch in 2022

At Columns we’re always on the look out for trends and promising brands set to cause big ripples. If 2021 was the year of disruption, what is 2022 going to look like? Here are five brands that captured our attention recently:


The Covid pandemic disrupted all of our lives, forcing us to review and find new ways to work, shop, and interact with each other. All industries have had to adapt to a digital world, and for better or worse we are now used to having Zoom meetings and working remotely. A multitude of innovative solutions popped up in response, especially within eCommerce, contactless payments, cash apps and digital wallets. One brand that noticed that trend ahead of the rest was Stripe. 

Founded in 2010 by two brothers who had no experience in finance, or payment solutions, the company became the most highly valued venture-backed business in the US last year. Stripe offers technology that builds the economic infrastructure for the internet, where businesses of any size and type can use their software to set up payment systems, and to manage their businesses online.
From start-ups to global companies, Stripe builds a platform where moving money around is seamless.

Already processing hundreds of billions of dollars, the opportunity ahead for them is much wider than when they started, and we’re excited to see what new direction they can take.


Working from home opened our eyes to new communication challenges. It’s been a perfect time for Jeenie to showcase their brilliant product – a translation/interpretation app. Their mission is to enable people to communicate on the go without having to use a dictionary. The Jeenie app helps people across 140 countries communicate by connecting them with translation and interpretation experts in 300 languages. What got our attention is the inclusion of Sign Language on their roster. For the deaf community a video app with an interpreter is a game changer. We love the mission of removing barriers, including the language ones.



While we’re on the topic of social good, Starface is an American skincare brand changing the conversation about acne, and we could not be more excited. Combating the negative stigma of a widespread condition, Starface inspires confidence and self-acceptance. Through the creation of ‘Big Yellow’ (their highly recognisable pimple patches), the brand engages in the conversation about acne and skin acceptance in an authentic and relatable way. We were impressed with how quickly Starface has become a key player on social media, and were thrilled when the brand finally launched in the UK. Star-shaped skincare patches are go,  and we can’t wait to see what they’ll create next.

Future Farm  

We may not be talking about Veganuary anymore, but veganism and meat-free food is not just a seasonal trend. Cue Future Farm, a plant-based food company from Brazil that’s taking the world by the storm. Their vision is a world where people choose to eat plants, not animals. They’ve hit the market with vegan meatballs, beef, and sausages that are made of non-GMO plant ingredients, making tasty, animal-friendly food easily accessible to consumers. It’s a visionary brand that wants to make the world a better place by changing the way we eat.

With a third of people in the UK considering veganism, it is clear that meat alternatives are not a fad. We’re going to see more meat-free options in fast-food, high-dining and at home and we’re confident Future Farm is going to be a big part of the future of our food.


If you’ve not heard this name, you must have been hiding on a remote island. Facebook announced the new name and outlined plans for building a “metaverse” – yet another word on everyone’s lips recently. While nobody really knows what a “metaverse”  is in practice, Mark Zuckerberg sounds confident it’s the next big step for the Internet.

Virtual reality plays a big part of the rebranding, and while it may not be the gamechanger everyone hoped it would be so far, it may just not have reached its full potential yet. With the power of Fcebook behind it, perhaps the future of VR is about to shift drastically. For now, we’ll keep watching Meta – both for its services, and to see whether the rebrand was a successful one.

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